where do you buy your yarn?

Where do Dublin knitters buy their yarn? This question pops up quite frequently on SnB IE.

This is my question:
Where do you buy your yarn for a particular knitting project? You can answer on the comments page or if you are too shy, please send me an email:



11 thoughts on “where do you buy your yarn?

  1. I have recently been knitting ganseys – I have bought wool/yarn from The Wool Shop in Bray – alas, no more. Failing that, I went to Shaw’s in Dun Laoghaire. And in desperation, I went to Walkinstown – a big selection, but short on atmosphere. I would like to buy from This is Knit in Blackrock Market but they do not stock the yarns I am wanting to use at the moment. I actually like to use handspun, hand-dyed yarn – is there any chance that some of our members could market their handspun through This is Knit?

  2. p.s. 2 of my favourite yarns – Kilcarra of Donegal and Dale of Norway Heilo – wish I could find them locally in Dublin.

  3. I buy my yarn at This is Knit in Blackrock. I have bought a couple things at Hickey’s in town. I also look at yarn shops when travelling. 🙂

  4. I’ve been on a yarn diet for most of this year, so as I mentally review my stash, most of it was bought at least a year ago from Springwools or The Wool Shop. I have some odds and ends type balls from when I travel and from This Is Knit. I buy all my knitting gadgets and paraphernalia from This Is Knit.

  5. Hmmm, it depends.
    This is Knit is my first stop. It’s lovely there.
    Get Knitted in the UK would be where I’d go before This is Knit got up and running.
    I’ve bought sweater yarn from Scandinavian Knitting Design and have some on the way via a friend from Knit Picks in the US. Both are good for simple plain yarns for garment.

  6. I’ll add a couple of other shopping places for yarn – when I was in Clifden last year I bought some very nice yarn, Aran type, in a sort of local haberdasher and also one of the art/gift shops. And in Westport, there is a haberdashery which has good yarn. Not the fancy Debbie Bliss types but more traditional Aran.

  7. TIK like everyone else, Hickey’s if I’m desperate – but needles only, and anywhere i travel that has yarn. My favourite places to buy yarn – it’s a tie between La droguerie in Paris, and Argentina. The former had amazing colours and was well-priced; the latter was crazy-cheap and fun as a pot-luck, because none of it said what weight it was, and my Spanish wasn’t always good enough to get the fibres right.

  8. Mmmm, This Is Knit of course :-). When I’m in the US, I go to two LYS, Unique One (OMG, the handpainted stuff makes me weak in the knees!) or Stitchery Square. The difference in the stores is amazing to me…the stores here have more patterns on display, as well as more yarns, but I think it ends up being cheaper in Ireland (there’s one thing at least! 🙂 ).

  9. I’ve just thought of 2 more places in Dublin where I have bought yarn – The Donegal Shop at the top of Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre and also Cleo’s on Kildare Street. Janet

  10. I use This is Knit to get the ‘feel good’ factor but unfortunately I buy mostly from online shops eg Getknitted and the Indie dyers like BMFA, the Yarnyard and Wollmeise. 🙂

  11. My most recent yarn buying was in Kenmare Co. Kerry at a lovely little shop called Spin a Yarn. They sell Debbie Bliss, Noro, Colinette, Rowan,aswell as some acrilicy stuff. Not sure if they are doing mailorder yet, but I think they plan to. Also in Kenmare, one of the souvenir shops sells some Aran and Kilcarra. Near Killorglin, at the Mill shop for Kerry Woollen Mills, you can get their Aran in hanks. Good colour range, but it’s a bit scratchy for me!!

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