Dublin Knit Collective: The Event of the Season

Summer is well under way (please no sarcastic comments about the Irish weather, we all know about the rain…). As we approach September, it is time to gear up for the autumn knitting season and the Dublin Knit Collective’s First Event…

So whether you are a novice or an expert knitter, please join the DKC’s First Autumn Show ‘n Tell, it is a spin-off of a knit-a-long.
The theme for the Autumn Show & Tell is Felted Handbags…

Here’s how it works:

Knitters of any level can join. Show ‘n Tell participants must:

• Register by sending me an email
• Live in Dublin (or anywhere outside of Dublin, as long as you are living on this island)
• Have a blog, however, if you don’t have one there is an alternative way to post (let me know if you don’t have a blog, and we’ll talk…)
• Submit a link to a free felted handbag pattern
• Choose a pattern from any one of the submitted patterns
• blog your Show ‘n Tell progress of your felted handbag

But best of all it is also a contest (because, I really like them)…especially random draws…

Specific details and dates are posted on the DKC: AUTUMN SHOW ‘N TELL page link on the sidebar.


One thought on “Dublin Knit Collective: The Event of the Season

  1. What a totally cool idea!! I’m certainly game to give it a go! Now about the blog thing… I haven’t got one but I may just consider it!!!

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