look who's knitting…

City Center SnB @ Curved St. Cafe; on the first and third Saturday of each month.

the fruits of a Harriet’s labour…a great look top using the drop-stitch technique

drop stitch top

Isobel is using up her stash to knit a baby socks, while her friend from New Zealand drops in to knit a few rows on a cotton wash cloth,



Alice’s absolutely gorgeous clapotis wrap; it makes me want to go out and get 6 balls of Noro’s Silk Garden


knitter extradinaire, Barb is able to knit and natter while working on this beautiful silk lace shawl (btw, this yarn feels sooooo silky and smooth)



2 Comments to “look who's knitting…”

  1. Thanks for your kind words!

  2. Hi

    I just found your blog while surfing for knitting blogs. Just loved looking at all your work. Sounds like you have a great group going.

    Hmm, unfortunately I live too far away…in New Zealand. I have visited Dublin though (have Irish grandparents) and loved your city.

    All the best

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