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How to get to This is Knit…

I have received a few email enquiries about yarn shops in Dublin. A list of yarn shops can be found on Olannban’s site. Our most famous one is This is Knit in Blackrock, Co. Dublin.

This post is for the traveling knitter visiting Dublin and wants to buy some souvenir yarn atĀ This is Knit.

How to get there by DART

You can purchase your ticket from one of the machines outside the station. If you use any Euro notes, remember that the machine will give you change in coins. So if you don’t want all those one euro coins, don’t use a 20 euro note.

Insert your ticket through the slot and the automatic door will open… when you enter and exit the station.

From the City Center’s Tara Street Station or Pearse Street Station, take the train going SouthBound. If you are not sure which platform your train arrives on, ask any of of the staff, which train goes to Blackrock.

When you enter and exit the train, you must push the green button to open the door.

If you are coming from the City Center, you will be travelling south, and will be passing the following DART stations, in this order:

Grand Canal Dock
Lansdowne Road
Sydney Parade

Get off at Blackrock

and follow the crowds and you will find yourself outside the Blackrock DART Station, facing a parking lot.

Turn left, and walk along this road until you get to the traffic lights.

You have reached the main road…

Cross the road at this point, you will see Cafe Java…a great little spot for a cuppa

and walk left. As you pass an O2 store on your right, you will see the entrance to the Blackrock Market.

Walk along this short alley way, and you will see a set of steps to a building slightly to the left…this the entrance to This is Knit

Walk up theses stairs and you will find the door to the shop on your left…

Enter and enjoy


take time for a knitting break…

Knitting groups in Dublin are popping up every where. OlannBan has a list of them here.

In the past few months, I have not been able to get to any of my regular knitting groups in the City Center or in Rathmines. I miss the atmosphere of knitting in a cafe. So I find myself taking my own little knitting break in Dublin’s City Center. I have become the lone knitter, sitting in a cafe with a cuppa and my knitting…

How about The Cake Cafe, located in the Daintree Building in the heart of Camden Street This is a lovely place to enjoy a scrumptous slice of cake and a cup of coffee.

This place is very quaint, not very quiet for a Wednesday at three o’clock in the afternoon. There were a few tables of friends meeting for a late lunch. I had a table by the window, and as the buzz of conversations echoed around me, I enjoyed a yummy cupcake and a cup of coffee.

Please send your comments and experiences if you’ve been to The Cake Cake.


One Year Later…

I am happy to announce that the Dublin Knit Collective is one year old today. I created this knitting blog to connect with the Dublin knitting community. I enjoy sharing my passion for knitting and admiring those who are willing to share their creativity and visions for our knitting community.