the big knit…keeping older people in Ireland warm this winter

I’m slightly behind the times in reporting the Ireland’s participation in The Big Knit.

The Big Knit is a campaign where innocent, Topaz and the charity Age Action join forces to
help older people in Ireland keep warm during the cold winter months. We will put little woolly
hats on our smoothie bottles in Topaz stores from 5th November 2008, and for every hat-
wearing smoothie sold, innocent and Topaz give €1 to Age Action.
The money raised from The Big Knit will go towards providing support to older people,
including care and repair programmes and advice on how to keep houses warm during the

We need as many as possible little woolly hats sent to the address below before the 22nd of
October (deadline day for hats).

If you’re holding a knit-in or have any stories about your hats please do let Big Knit Jules
know at bigknitireland@innocentdrinks.ie or call the banana phone on 01 879 6600, she
always loves a bit of wool related gossip.

When you’re done, please send your hats, along with your name, address, phone
number/email address and number of hats to:
The Big Knit
innocent drinks
Fruit Towers
46 Mountjoy Square
Dublin 1


2 thoughts on “the big knit…keeping older people in Ireland warm this winter

  1. The Big Knit is happening again this year, with innocent and Age Action. We are aiming to knit 80,000 (!!) hats for the top of smoothie bottles before early September. 25 cent for each bottle sold goes to help Age Action’s work keeping older people warm in their homes this winter. See http://www.ageaction.ie/news185.htm. Thanks.

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