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a different type of knit along

What do you get when you combine a few knitters on the Dublin Bus Route 16A and a Local Yarn Shop (LYS) in Dublin 9? A knit along field trip to Stitch... When: this Saturday 28 February Meet in front of SuperMac on Westmoreland Street at 12 noon, then as a group, take the 16A… Continue reading a different type of knit along

Knit Knotes

St. Patrick's Day Knit-a-Long…

The deadline to register for DKC's St. Patrick's Day KAL is a few days from now, on March 1st... So far, the we have the following knitting along... Ravelry's gerryberry Rebecca Ravelry's Jellyknits Liu Deirdre Beezzi on Ravelry deimne on Ravelry