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St. Patrick’s Day Knit-A-Long 2009

Join the Dublin Knit Collective’s St. Patrick’s Day 2009 Knit -a-long (KAL). It is very simple; knit something in a celtic/Irish/ St. Patrick’s Day theme and complete it by St. Patrick’s Day.

In order to join this KAL, please leave a comment or send me a message on Ravelry by March 1st.

Here are the rules:
1) Knit with an aran tweed type yarn such as Kilcarra , DB Donegal Tweed, Bergere de France Celtic.
2) Choose an Celtic/Irish/St. Paddy’s Day themed pattern from your own library or the Ravelry pattern data base.
3) Start knitting once you have yourself organized.
4) Post your progress on your blog or the DKC forum Ravelry so that your fellow knitting mates can see how you are getting along with your project.
5) Don’t forget to post your finished project either on your project page in Ravelry or your blog by March 17th.

Ideas for your St. Paddy’s Day KAL project. There are many patterns in the Ravelry search engine, and here is a small sample of patterns that you can use Kilcarra.

Celtic Cable neckwarmer
Irish hiking scarf
thermis neckwarmer
Le Slouch
Chickadee cowl

Oh yeah, why register? So that your name will be entered for the random draw for a St. Patrick’s Day themed prize package which will be held on March 17th for registered participants who complete their projects.


One thought on “St. Patrick’s Day Knit-A-Long 2009

  1. Hi! I found your website and your challenge to create a St Patrick’s Day piece. jI found your website by looking for St Paddy’s day patterns, so i’m excited – especially becasue of the prize – to Join in!

    Pat Bell
    Enderby, BC Canada

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