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spinning for Team Ireland…

A few of the Dublin knitters/crocheters are members of  Team Ireland, participating in Ravelry’s Tour de Fleece 2009 which began simultaneously as the Tour de France on 4 July 2009.

Look how your team is doing….







this is how rumours get started…

I was walking along Rathmines Road this morning and passed by the old Lifeboat Charity Shop which has been empty and unoccupied for some time now. I thought I was seeing a mirage…

I took a closer look…

and yes it is definitely yarn! I spotted Hazbo at the bus stop and showed her what I saw in the shop window. She was able to confirm that IT is YARN which must have appeared overnight since it was not there yesterday.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that this yarn is organic and Fairtrade…

So please confirm our suspicions…is there going to be a new yarn shop in Rathmines????

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knitting in the city…

An aerial shot of the Thursday evening knitting group which meets in the Cafe at the Powerscourt Towncentre from 6pm to 8pm. This is the original Blackrock Knit Night group and relocated to the City Centre with This is Knit.

This group is gaining more knitters and crocheters every week. The portability of a drop spindle is also gaining popularity amongst the knitters in the city.