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this is how rumours get started…

I was walking along Rathmines Road this morning and passed by the old Lifeboat Charity Shop which has been empty and unoccupied for some time now. I thought I was seeing a mirage…

I took a closer look…

and yes it is definitely yarn! I spotted Hazbo at the bus stop and showed her what I saw in the shop window. She was able to confirm that IT is YARN which must have appeared overnight since it was not there yesterday.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that this yarn is organic and Fairtrade…

So please confirm our suspicions…is there going to be a new yarn shop in Rathmines????


7 thoughts on “this is how rumours get started…

  1. I just moved to the area on the 1st of July (I’m from Canada) and I started googling last night to see what kind of yarn stores there were in Dublin and was quite disappointed to see that there are barely any 😦 And then today I’m walking down the st. and notice the same thing that you did and I was all excited but unsure as to whether I’d missed it the other days and it was just a store that had closed. Weeee, it must be true!! 🙂

  2. God, I hope so, though my bank-account may have something else to say on the matter. It’s a lovely spot for a yarn shop though, plenty of footfall and a nice big space. 😀

  3. Hehe, I hear ya! I had to leave all my lovely yummy yarn at home(I’ve moved here for a year on a working holliday visa), my needles etc…I’m in withdrawl so this could be dangerous! Hmmm, maybe they would hire me…

    But yeah, great location, I can walk there in less than 10 minutes 🙂

  4. I saw that lovely wool as well.

    A planning application was granted there recently to convert the empty shop into a coffee shop.

    This is indeed how rumours start!

  5. How exciting….. Rumour has it tat it might be some type of organic/green craft shop….. I also heard that there may be a full yarn shop coming to the Swan Centre in Rathmines….. will let you know if I hear any more

  6. Let’s hope those skeins of yarn in the window will multiply. It will be so handy – right near my lawn bowling club.


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