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TiK's Yarn Tasting event…

This is Knit‘s Yarn Tasting Event last Thursday 27 August was enjoyed by all…A great evening of sampling a variety of yarns along with a glass of wine or two.

You can read teaandcake’s account of the evening and does anyone want to translate aissa’s blog post?


One thought on “TiK's Yarn Tasting event…

  1. Due to my laziness, I wrote it only in my mother tongue ;-P

    What is going on is:
    1. I went to the Yarn Tasting.
    2. What is “Yarn Tasting”?
    3. There were a lot of sample yarns as well as new books and sample garments. We knitted samples and tried those garments. There were loads of people whom we never met before.
    4. I forgot to bring my camera, but I got those samples. The one already knitted is Louisa Harding’s “Willow Tweed”. It’s beautiful but subtle, and I think it may get too “quiet” if you don’t get the right design.
    5. Knitting just a swatch is a bit boring. Then a friend was knitting small socks which can become Christmas decoration. It’s a very cool idea.

    (The rest is on those on my needles at the time: Noro scarf, two sleeves of my cable jumper, and “Niamh”)

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