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Wear 2Be Seen on WWKiP Day 2010

Dublin Knit Collective
2nd Annual Wear 2Be Seen on WWKiP Day 2010

Plan to be out and about from 12th to 20th June when we celebrate WWKiP Day. This is the time to show off the pinnacle of your knitting skills.

DKC’s Wear 2Be Seen is based a twist to a well known knitting tradition in the United States. For those of you who are familiar with the tradition of the Rhinebeck Sweater; the concept is to knit a complicated sweater and show it off during the Rhinebeck Festival.

In honour of this time held tradition, DKC is calling on all knitters and crocheters to knit/crochet an accessory/garment to Wear 2Be Seen on WWKiP Day 2010.  Knit or crochet anything your heart desires, the possibilities are endless… and showcase your talents as you proudly wear your accessory/garment on WWKiP Day.

Don’t forget to keep your fellow blogging/ knitting friends up to date on your Wear 2Be Seen project on Ravelry and at your SnBs.

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