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DIY: one of a kind handpainted yarn

Dyeing your own yarn is not an exact science. It really is very simple DIY project.

A few basic items are needed:

1) undyed/natural yarn, I used one skein of Blue Faced Leicester which I purchased at The Constant Knitter

2) KoolAid fruit drink packets

3) Sponge or large paint brushes

4) cling wrap

5) microwave

When making my own hand painted yarn, I refer to Knitty’s Dyed in the Wool article.

This is one skein of undyed and natural blue faced leicester, soaking in water
Soak in water

While the BFL is soaking, I prepare KoolAid for dyeing. For this skein, I used three different flavours of KoolAid and mixed each one with 45-50mL of water.

Squeeze any excess water, working on a flat surface, lay out the yarn
Lay it out

Using a sponge brush, I painted sections of the yarn.
Paint it wild

Once I was happy with the colour saturations, I wrapped the skein in the cling wrap and popped it in the microwave.

Once it was cooled in a bath of water, it was hung to dry
Hang to dry

Dried and re-skeined, my own one of a kind hand painted yarn
Dye it yourself


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