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DKC Sock Club 2011

Welcome to The DKC Sock Club for 2011…

january sox6

Start off the New Year with a bit of organization, maybe some shopping for a set of DPNs or circulars, take a sock knitting class, peruse through Ravelry’s sock pattern database or buy some more sock yarn from your LYS.

The 2011 sock club theme is inspired by a blogpost written by the Yarn Harlot in which she describes the concept of a imposed sock club and what a creative idea to organize and plan your own sock kits for 2011.

Here is just a guideline for setting up your own self-imposed sock club.  Remember this is just an idea, so feel free to make up your own number of kits and adapt it as your own.

  • Gather all your sock yarn
  • Select 12 sock patterns
  • 12 zip lock baggies

Get 12 big ziplock baggies, and in each one put everything needed to make those socks.  If the pattern is in a book photocopy it, if it needs to be downloaded print it, if it is a pattern you need to purchase, then buy it.

Go through the stash and figure out what should go with what – then sealed up all 12 and put them away on a shelf a shelf in your cupboard, your mission if you shall accept it is to knit one pair a month or at your own pace, drawn at random.  Make up a variety of kits, some men’s socks, some ladies, some lace, some cable… at the end of the year you would have 12 pairs (at least) of socks.

Join the DKC Sock Club anytime of the year, membership is open to all knitters and crocheters and it’s free.

If you are interested in joining us for 2011, please leave a comment on our blog.


Rudolph, with your nose so bright…

Have a Merry Christmas!!


Count Down…

We are half way through the month of December and 2011 is just a mere few weeks away.

2010 marked the beginning of the DKC Sock Club and it was a pleasure to see hand knit socks being made with tender loving care.

Now we need a final count… how many pairs of socks did you knit in 2010?

Unfortunately, I did not reach my goal of 10 pairs, however, I did manage to knit 5 pairs so far.

We will be announcing the details of the DKC Sock Club 2011 soon…


the bigger the better…

Big needles, big and bulky yarns make for a very quick knit for this season’s Christmas knitting. What is your favourite quick knit?


Online magazine, Tangled has a special holiday issue:


Knitting in the city…

The Wednesday morning knitters are going to come out of their warm and cosy homes and head into town for some knitting and conversation at Tiesan Cafe in Temple Bar today…all are welcome to join.


Knit in the City updates…

Dublin has been hit with more snow, lots of it. Wondering if there is anyone braving the weather to go to a SnB or if the meet up has been cancelled? Most of the knitting groups post messages on DKC’s “Knit in the City” forum on Ravelry.

We will also post updates on our Twitter feed as @dknitcollective, which also can be viewed on this blog.

Also keep an eye on the roads and stay safe and warm…

Happy Knitting!!!


Do you know it’s Christmas knitting time?

christmas stocking

This time of year, the LYS (local yarn shops) are a flurry of activity. Dublin’s knitting elves stockpile their fibre stash and supplies for the annual tradition known as Christmas knitting. Knitters engage in this yearly pursuit with a vengeance Christmas knitting.

Well done to This is Knit, who is keeping the Christmas knitter well organised this year. They have posted their Christmas Series, a resource for all your Christmas knitting needs and there is also a competition.

Looking for ideas for your Christmas knitting?

Cowls, scarves and shawls are very popular this year (and we don’t need the Irish media to tell us this, knitters intuitively know this ; )
Here is a list of some of the Dublin knitters who inspire us:

Aran Brew
BunnyT Knits
She Knit Up that Ball
Thread Bear’s Picnic

Finally, how about some Christmas socialising?

The Constant Knitter just announced her next Open Day for Sunday 12th December. Enjoy an afternoon of tea and cake, and some retail therapy before Christmas. And speaking of more cake, the new LYS in town, Winnie’s Craft Cafe is now open for our knitting pleasures.

Enjoy the season of Christmas knitting!!


Drowning in Snow…

Yes, Snow in Dublin and the rest of the Ireland have endured a very heavy snowfall since the latter part of the last week.


With the cancellation of many of the knitting groups throughout the city, a group of knitters decided to stage their own virtual knit night on Twitter this past week.


This event was assigned the hashtag of #twitknit and achieved trending in Ireland status about an hour into the tweets and twittering. Tweeps from all over Ireland & the UK, Belgium and Spain were tweeting for 2 to 3 hours and in the comforts of their own home, with a glass of their favourite beverage and of course, their knitting.