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Do you know it’s Christmas knitting time?

christmas stocking

This time of year, the LYS (local yarn shops) are a flurry of activity. Dublin’s knitting elves stockpile their fibre stash and supplies for the annual tradition known as Christmas knitting. Knitters engage in this yearly pursuit with a vengeance Christmas knitting.

Well done to This is Knit, who is keeping the Christmas knitter well organised this year. They have posted their Christmas Series, a resource for all your Christmas knitting needs and there is also a competition.

Looking for ideas for your Christmas knitting?

Cowls, scarves and shawls are very popular this year (and we don’t need the Irish media to tell us this, knitters intuitively know this ; )
Here is a list of some of the Dublin knitters who inspire us:

Aran Brew
BunnyT Knits
She Knit Up that Ball
Thread Bear’s Picnic

Finally, how about some Christmas socialising?

The Constant Knitter just announced her next Open Day for Sunday 12th December. Enjoy an afternoon of tea and cake, and some retail therapy before Christmas. And speaking of more cake, the new LYS in town, Winnie’s Craft Cafe is now open for our knitting pleasures.

Enjoy the season of Christmas knitting!!


2 thoughts on “Do you know it’s Christmas knitting time?

  1. Loving the new template with the snow! Thanks for mentioning my blog. With all this snow it’s the knitters time to shine. Everyone will appreciate a hand knitted present this year.

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