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One night only: lunarknit

Tonight, the moon will be 1,000K closer to earth. So in honour of some lunar watching, an impromptu "twitknit" will take place on Twitter. Just login on Twitter and join in with the twitknit folks. We've assigned the hashtag, #lunarknit and I'm tweeting as @TheDKC Let us know, what you are knitting tonight, or if… Continue reading One night only: lunarknit

Knit Knotes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! We are so lucky here in Ireland, today is a holiday. Rest, drink and be merry and Happy knitting... And btw, it is Paddy's Day, not Patty's Day....Take note here

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A new social knitting group is starting up at Winnie's Craft Cafe in Booterstown, this coming Wednesday from 7pm to 9pm and every Wednesday evening after that. Join in and get to know like minded knitters.