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A friend to all…

Elana, a dear friend to many knitters within the Irish knitting community, lost her husband, Brendan (Knithacker on Ravelry) to cancer last evening.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Elana and her sons, P. and E.

Rest in Peace, Brendan and thank you for sharing your life’s experiences with us.


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knitters know how to party…

Knitters from all over Ireland travelled to Dublin’s city centre on 30th June to celebrate with This is Knit to commemorate their 5th anniversary appropriately called The Yarniversary.

I managed to capture a few moments on film (well, on my digital camera):

the yarniversary



looking at the samples

knitter in the mirror

trying on the samples



Lace cardigan

the audience

It was a great party and as I was reading my morning Sunday tweets, I found one blog and I am sure we will be seeing more posts this coming week…