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knitters know how to party…

Knitters from all over Ireland travelled to Dublin’s city centre on 30th June to celebrate with This is Knit to commemorate their 5th anniversary appropriately called The Yarniversary.

I managed to capture a few moments on film (well, on my digital camera):

the yarniversary



looking at the samples

knitter in the mirror

trying on the samples



Lace cardigan

the audience

It was a great party and as I was reading my morning Sunday tweets, I found one blog and I am sure we will be seeing more posts this coming week…



One thought on “knitters know how to party…

    Third Age’s Knitting Bus Project ‘Knitting the Generations Together’ is being launched by President Mary McAleese on
    September 21 at Collins Barracks, Dublin 8.
    It will promote contact between the generations through primary school involvement, teach children to knit, and raise awareness of the value of older people in school and local communities. It is also Third Age’s curtain-raiser to EY2012. Next year, 2012, celebrates the European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations.
    Third Age is a community organisation which promotes the value of older people through local, regional and national projects. In one project, members teach knitting to children at a local primary schools. In the Knitting Bus project, primary schools throughout Ireland are invited to knit, with patterns specially provided. Over 100 schools had already signed up by June 2011, and we expect many more..
    We invite older people who have a love of knitting and would like to pass this on to the primary school pupils in their local school to contact us to register their interest. We will make the necessary introductions for you, supply patterns and answer any questions you may have
    Third Age has acquired a double decker bus to publicise this project in a unique way. A colourful jumper in rainbow shades has been knitted for the bus by Shuttle Knit, a craft cooperative based in Wicklow Town. The Knitting Bus will visit a number of schools during the academic year to promote the project. Would you like to be a passenger?
    For more information, contact project coordinator Andrina Moore at 08608185618/

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