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HandmAid Craft Day: Saturday 3rd September 2011

HandmAid Craft Day is a fundraising event in aid of the famine in the horn of Africa. Saturday 3rd September 2011 will be a day of craft classes, a market stall of handmade crafts, yarn, and “”knit working” a.k.a. stitch n bitch.

This collaborative effort is being organized and facilitated by two Dublin based knitters. They have been tweeting updates on Twitter as @handmAidcraft. They’ve recruited fabulous teachers for classes in the morning and afternoon of Saturday 3rd September. Check out the website for a class that interests you. €10 per class is a good deal to learn a new technique or craft, with all materials provided.

Shop at the marketplace of handmade craft items and re-saleable stash yarn donated by generous knitters/crocheters and handcrafters.

Also, big part of the day will be the gigantico of a stitch n bitch! There will be beanbags, a fireplace, tea, coffee and cake – all the essentials of a SnB : )

100% of the money we raise will go to the Oxfam appeal for the famine.

HandmAid Craft Day, in aid of famine in the Horn of Africa
Date: Saturday 3rd September 2011
Venue: Damer Hall, Stephen’s Green, Dublin


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