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No call out fee…

I love the spontaneity of Twitter knitters who meet up with other like minded people over a cup of coffee and some fiberly chat.

A few times a week I notice tweet, “anyone want to meet in town for some knitting today?”

In addition, tourists have posted a call out on Ravelry to a couple of hours of knitterly company with the Dublin knitters.

Keep an eye on our Twitter feed and RAVELRY group, don’t be shy and join a spontaneous meet up if you’re free.

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National ‘Tea Cosy’ Competition at the Craft Festival 2012

There is a National Tea Cosy Competition taking place at the Craft Festival 2012 next month in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin.

Dublin knitters have a leading edge on this competition, because we have been knitting tea cosies long before Avoca started stocking them on their shelves.


Tea Cosy’s are back and if they are not we are bringing them back.  With our modern fast paced lives we still enjoy sitting back and having a nice cuppa after a long day’s work or enjoy a friends company, and there is nothing better than having a top up….except when the tea has gone cold!

Bringing back the tea cosy will hopefully rejuvenate the need for a beautiful teapot, a handmade cup and time out to ponder on life’s inspirations!

We are going nationally with this competition to ensure all corners of Ireland remember to enjoy being creative, drinking tea and uniting together to revive our Folk crafts.


For FOLKS sake, bring back the tea Cosy!

 For more details:  Craft Festival 2012


Friday the 13th

C’mon out to Fiber Fun Friday. Join the fun at The Tea Garden behind the fish tank from 6:30pm…

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Why I knit Handknit socks

Handknit socks are pretty awesome!!!


I am loving this lace sock pattern. This pattern is part of our spring sock knit along, details can be found in the DKC discussion forum on Ravelry.

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Happy Easter!


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