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a first for me : )


Here’s the first image of my Ravellenic 2012 FO..a new mobile phone cosy knit with my handspun.


27.07.12 at 2100h

Knitters of Ravelry’s community is waiting for the big cast on today at 2100h, the official start of the Ravellenic Games 2012 which just happens to coincide with Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in London ; )

I’ll be keeping tabs on my home team, Team Reckless in Dublin on Ravelry. Let the knitting begin…

*Thank you to FreckledPast for allowing me to use this cool image*


Getting ready for the challenge…

Only one day away until the start of the Ravellenic Games….

It’s not too late to join Team Reckless Knitting in Dublin on Ravelry. Tag your projects as teamrkd2012, and the appropriate event(s) for that project.

What’s my plan for tomorrow at 2100h?

Well, I really need to knit down my small skeins of my handspun.

First, cast on project will be 32g/46m of Blue Lavender, handspun and plyed on a drop spindle.



thinking about Christmas in July


153 days  until Christmas ; )


Let the games begin…


Be a proud Ravelete in this year’s Ravellenic Games and join the collective of knitters representing Team Reckless Knitting in Dublin for the Ravellenic Games 2012.

If you have stumbled upon this post, and are thinking, “huh?”

Here is Ravellenic Games in a nutshell…

Since 2008, knitters and crocheters have participated in Ravelry’s own games to coincide with the summer and winter Olympics. Members of the Ravelry community sign up for any event that challenges their strength, stamina and skills. You may join one or more teams and follow the discussion threads online.

This year, I have joined Team Reckless Knitting in Dublin and I’m still undecided as to what I’ll be casting on this coming Friday.

I love the community spirit that is evident with knitters.

Sign up and tag your projects on Ravelry. Let us know if you want to join the challenge.


still here, but neglected…


We are still here, not blogging as often, but hoping to report some interesting knitting news soon : )

Do you have anything knitworthy to tell us?