Knit Knotes

Frog or Finish…

I frequently get a bout of startitis, and end up with a basket full of wips.

As I enthusiastically competed in Ravelry’s knitting Olympics, I managed to complete there FOs.

Now, bring on September, also considered a new year for any of society’s folks whose schedules are dictatated by the school year.

I have committed myself to finish off my wips…it’s simply a task of frogging or finishing.

This cobalt blue wip is going to be frogged, since I have no clue as to where I am in the pattern. If I recall, my stitch count was way off when it went into the basket.


This scarf is on the finish list since I love the yarn and it’s colourway.


I knit this cardigan a few years again and hate the fit, so it’s been frogged, and will become known as the FibreFeis2012 sweater.




Who’s up for frog or finish?


One thought on “Frog or Finish…

  1. oh i suffer from startitis, i currently have 3 projects, a jumper and two cardi/bolero type things at various stages. All 3 are on 3.25mm needles of which I have two pairs, so really there’s only one “knitting” needle to go around the 3!!!
    that cobalt blue is a stunning colour 🙂

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