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Baby KniTs….

Freckledpast is our honoured guest blogger here at The Dublin Knit Collective. Thank you Evin for sharing.

I was fortunate to receive several amazing handknits when my son LB was born. Each one a different style, color combination and size. They grow and stretch with him unlike any store-bought item imaginable. In the early days, I would slip a cardigan on over him in the morning to keep hIm warm while the radiators woke up. Each morning, with this mini tradition, I am reminded of the love and skill my friends shared with us by welcoming him with a handmade item.


The first to fit him was Carol Feller’s Iceling Cardigan, which she knit for him herself in a soft silver sage. Picking up a few stitches and adding more rows of garter stitch has made this cardigan wearable for his entire first year! I love pairing it with brown corduroy pants or overalls.

Sue made him the iconic Baby Surprise Jacket in a medley of green, yellow and browns with just a little fleck of rustic denim blue here and there. Tiny square dotted ceramic green buttons finish the earthy piece. The garter stitch makes this cardigan the one that always made LB so warm he’d fall asleep.

UnderMeOxter crocheted him a rainbow cardigan that he will be fitting in next year with a shirt and pants to coordinate. Of course, the beauty of handknits with varied colorways is that they go with everything instantly!

Voxless knitted the little man an amazing orange Milo Vest. Such cheerful colors that really show off his brown eyes. I love the squishy feel of the cotton! Though I know it is impossible, I keep hoping I will wake up to find it has transformed into my size so I can swear it. Come to think of it, that would be nice for all his hand knits!

Our friend across the pond, Bonny, knitted two cardigan and hat sets, one in turquoise and hot pink and the other in Tuscan blue and tan. You notice a common theme with these gifts? No one gave me anything pastel! Earthy hues, bold colors and crazy combinations that made each piece a statement of warmth and style.

It was so nice to be able to dress LB in anything and know the cardigan on top would make the outfit!

Wee Crocheted Cardigan

In the maternity ward, the nurses and other mothers admired LB for how tiny he was and how he was covered head-to-toe in handknits. A simple hat to warm his head made by me, a blanket by my friend Maire and little mittens from my friend Emily. It was winter but there was no way my baby would feel a chill. Almost a year later, each of those gifts is still in like-new form because the fibres were chosen wisely and I cared for them appropriately. Though some are short in the sleeves now, others are about to become his size. A lovely consolation as I fold away tiny clothes and almost long for the little 5.5-pound baby we brought home from the hospital.

Baby sleeping with Undercover blanket designed by Hedgehog Fibres

The essential baby blanket still fits though! The stitches have held up to so much and the color fades gently with each wash like the memories of sleepless nights. The blanket is Undercover designed by Beata Jezek and knit by Maire O’Sullivan in Hedgehog Fibres sock yarn Tidepool colorway.


And there are other handmade gifts LB has enjoyed, like a ball that rattles, booties, a flannel quilt, soft quilted books I’ve made and a crocheted mini sweater that he loves teething on. The only commonality is that all are loveable, bright and washable.


knitting in the City this week…

Happy Monday, and it’s The Constant Knitter’s weekly SnB. Head on over after work from 5pm to 8pm today.

The knitterly folks who meet up at The Twisted Pepper have taken a break from the weekly meet ups for now, but stay tuned for more updates.

Wednesday’s knitting group have been enjoying a leisurely lunchtime SnB. On the Balcony at Powerscourt from 11:30.

Who’s up for Thursday knit night at The Brooks Hotel from 6:30pm? Enjoy an evening of knitting, a glass of wine and a bowl of potato wedges : )

On the textile front, several of the Dublin knitters have been spotted with the Dublin sewing group : ) Join the sewistas for an evening of socially sewing and swapping haberdashery and other sewing notions this Friday from 5pm to 8pm at the Constant Knitter.

Keep an eye out for updates on Fiber Fun Friday and City Centre SnB.