What’s New: Marino Fairview Knitting & Crochet Circle

Marino/Fairview, Dublin 3 is an area with a diverse population, so Helen came up with an idea to organise a local and affordable meet up so people could exchange ideas and crafting skills on a monthly basis.

February’s meet up will be held on Wednesday 13th February from 8pm in a local hall that has kindly offered the craft group a space for a very affordable fee. The cost – including tea / coffee andsome nice biscuits, is €4.


4 Comments to “What’s New: Marino Fairview Knitting & Crochet Circle”

  1. Thanks so much DKC for the post!! Very excited about the local reaction to our meeting next week. Better make sure the biscuits are tasty!!!! Thanks again and looking forward to welcoming anyone and everyone! Helen, Marino

  2. By way of an update, as of our April meeting (Wed 10th) we are meeting in St. Joseph’s Primary School in Fairview.
    I’ve posted a map and details on http://www.thebusymamas.blogspot.ie.
    Revised poster on the way to DKC – but biscuits making is the first order of business!

  3. Sounds great guys! i live in marino and dabble in a bit of crochet … im busty wednesday with sport i play but next time im free i might pop along…. do you still met up every week?

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