Knit Knotes

SnB etc….

Stitch n Bitch, knit n knatter, knitting circle, craft circle, stitch therapy, knitworking….

Whatever you call a group of knitters, crochetiers, quilters, embroiders who sit with their projects and enjoy a bit of banter over a cuppa….

I am so there!  Saturday 14th September from 10:30h to 16:30h

Drop by and stay awhile….
HandmAid Craft Day


3 thoughts on “SnB etc….

  1. Hi,

    I’m a knitter and spinner, who is visiting Dublin between November 1-11th. Is there any knitting/spinning group/meeting/class I can hang out? I’m also planning to visit Galway and Cork area.


    1. Hi Kumiko, There ate several knitting groups in and around Dublin. If you take a look at the Knit in the City page, you will have several to choose from.

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