Knit Knotes

Luv: Handknit your Valentine


A simple handknit heart for your Valentine


Yarn: any DK or Sport weight.
Needle size: 4mm
Tapestry needle
Optional: Small stitch holder or large safety pin
Embellishments of your choice such as buttons, beads, ribbon, raffia, etc.


k2tog…………….knit 2 stitches together

Cast on 2 sts

Row 1: Knit (2sts)
Row 2: kfb, kfb (4sts)
Row 3: knit to end of row
Row4: kfb, k2, kfb (6sts)
Row 5: Knit to end of row
Row 6: kfb, k4, kfb (8sts)
Row 7: Knit to end of row
Row 8: kfb, k6, kfb (10sts)
Row 9: Knit to end of row
Row 10: kfb, k8, kfb (12sts)

Knit 4 rows

Next row: Knit 6 sts; Slip these knit stitches on a stitch holder or onto waste yarn approximately 10cm in length

The remaining 6 sts are on the left needle.

Continue knitting as follows:

Row 1: K2tog, k2, k2tog (4sts). Turn.
Row 2: K4. Turn
Row 3: K2tog, k2tog (2sts). Turn
Bind off the last 2 sts.
Cut yarn

Work on the next section as follows:

Slip 6 sts from stitch holder to needle.
Re-join yarn.
Row 1: K2tog, k2, k2tog (4sts). Turn.
Row2: K2tog, k2tog (2sts). Turn.
Bind off of the last 2 sts.

Weave in the yarn ends with the tapestry needle.

Embellish and be creative: )


DMurphy 2014. You may use pattern only for your personal non-commercial use. You may not distribute or sell electronic or paper copies of this pattern and use the photos without permission. email: dublinknitcollective(AT)gmail(DOT)com


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