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The Dublin Knit Collective on Ravelry

As a knitter quite familiar with social networking, I’m always amazed to meet people who have never heard of Ravelry. When I’ve been asked, what is Ravelry?, my usual response is, it’s like Facebook for knitters, but better and beyond…

I’ve been raving about Ravelry since 2007 when it first made it’s appearance as a free social networking service. It’s best described as an organisational tool for knitters and crochetiers, and other fibre artists like spinners and weavers.

Membership is free to those who sign up for a Ravelry account. As a member you can share projects, ideas and your collection of yarn and fibre.

As a knitter, I am able to create a project album, collate my yarn stash inventory and create an inventory sheet of my knitting needles.

I can spend hours trolling the yarn and pattern database for knitting research purposes, looking for the hottest and trendiest knitwear patterns.

In addition, I enjoy the social networking aspect of Ravelry. I started The Dublin Knit Collective forum to connect with Dublin knitters, hoping to interact with other knitters interested in our fair city.

I’m on a recruitment drive to bring in new members to Ravelry and this is an open invitation to join the Dublin Knit Collective. I want to know more about what the Dublin knitters are doing….


2 thoughts on “The Dublin Knit Collective on Ravelry

  1. I use the ‘Facebook for knitters’ response too buy it doesn’t go far enough to describe what a great site it is. I know I’m biased because its very hard not to love something filled with knitting goodness but I can’t fault a single thing about Ravelry, it’s perfect.

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