Knit Knotes

I <3 Ravelry


I love Ravelry.  It is an online resource for knitters and crocheters.  From organising projects and yarn stash to researching patterns and yarn from an awesome database, I am sometimes overwhelmed by the Ravelry experience.

For social networking, the site has forums, groups, and friend-related features that give people ways to interact with other knitters and crocheters.

Let your Ravelry journey begin here, to set up your Ravelry account and username.

Feel free to look me up under the People tab and search for my username TheDKC

As I am a frequent user of the Ravelry forums, please join The Dublin Knit Collective group. This is where you’ll find updated information about knitting events.


2 thoughts on “I <3 Ravelry

  1. I’ve been meaning to write about the Ravelry search engine for ages. It is a masterful feat of engineering and a thing of beauty. Any day now I’ll write that post…

    1. It would be great to read your perspective of Ravelry’s search engine. I just a basic user who spends a lot of time on it: )

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