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Starting the year on the right or left foot…


Join the Dublin Knit Collective Sock  Club 2015. This sock club is open to everyone, there are no membership fees to join, there is no sign up list and best of all, no deadlines.  Knit at your own leisurely pace.

The concept of the DKC Sock Club 2015 is to knit socks in 2015, simple isn’t it? Set a specific goal for yourself, such as, “I want to knit 5 pairs of socks in 2015.”

I have reason to believe there are knitters out there who have a stash of sock yarn just waiting to grow into a pair of feet; and maybe 2015 will be the year to make a dent in your sock yarn inventory.

If you don’t know how to knit socks or just want to improve your sock knitting skills watch this space for Learn to Knit Sock classes this year.

Follow @sockclub15 who will be calling out to knitters to check out the latest on bespoke socks making.

Let’s knit and enjoy the luxury of hand knit socks!


2 thoughts on “Starting the year on the right or left foot…

  1. I have a single half sock done for about 4 years now. It will never be finished. Never. Can I do mittens instead ????? Please……..

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