Urban Spinning in Dublin with WeaveSpinDye

There is an old but new and re-branded group in town,  Eastern Region group of the IGWSD meet monthly on the third Sunday of each month.

Spinners and weavers are invited to bring their wheels, drop spindles and looms on  Sunday 22nd February , to The Constant Knitter’s studio space on Francis Street.

Here’s some general info:

*  The studio is located on the second level of The Constant Knitter, 88 Francis Street. Take the Dublin bus to St. Patrick Cathedral, it is  just a short walk to the shop.

*  on street parking is free on Sundays

* there are one set of stairs to the second level

*  The area has great lighting

*   It is not a café,  so you may want to bring in your own from home baked goods (but not necessary for those of us who do not bake). The Constant Knitter kindly offers tea.

*  There are chairs,tables and a sofa

*  The studio is above the shop in case you have a roving or spindle emergency.


One thought on “Urban Spinning in Dublin with WeaveSpinDye

  1. Just a quick note to mention that this event takes place on Sunday, not Saturday. Which is better for everyone as there is free parking on Francis Street on Sundays!

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