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The KNIT ReView: meet Green Elephant Crochet

Last week week we introduced Dublin Knitters to Green Elephant Crochet’s kettle dyed yarn.


Today’s post we interviewed indie dyer, Fiona Waters.

How and when did you learn to dye yarn?

At first I followed an online tutorial and dyed yarn using food colouring. I was so happy with the results that I wanted to learn more. I attended a workshop run by Clodagh MacDonagh of Feltmakers Ireland back in October and since then I’ve been dyeing all the time. It’s quite addictive.

Where did you get the inspiration for Winter Sky?

It was just that, a winter sky. The greys, and blues of a cloudy sky on a sunny Winters day.

What’s it like seeing people knitting or crocheting with your yarn?

It’s a little bit strange at first but very satisfying. I love seeing other peoples beautiful creations. I love how each person has their own inspiration and ideas that they can apply to my yarn.

How long did it take to set up Green Elephant, the indie dyer?

I started my blog Green Elephant Crochet and Things in June 2014, a little while later I fell in love with hand dyed yarn and started dyeing yarn myself. It has all blossomed from there.

What is your favourite colourway and yarnweight?

The yarn weights I use most are DK and Aran but I’m not sure which I prefer. It depends on what I’m making.

Of my own colourways Green Elephant is my favourite. I love green and the splashes of grey running through it are lovely.

Of others I love Prism from Three Violet Buttons. You can find it on Facebook.

What’s next for Green Elephant Crochet?

Lots more yarn dyeing, crochet and a little knitting too. I will be working out some new colourways on new bases over the next few months which I am very excited about.

Anything you want to share with The DKC?

You can find more information about my yarn and my blog on You can also find me on Facebook.

Thank you to Fiona for taking time to be interviewed.


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