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Handknit Socks are Bespoke

I have made it my mission to knit at least one pair of socks a month and to finish the Stepaside.

While I knit socks, I have receive some interesting comments and questions from family, friends, colleagues and strangers…“I guess you save alot of money by knitting your own socks.”“Why knit a pair of socks when you can buy them at Dunnes Stores?”“I can’t knit socks, I’m too traumatised since my childhood school day when the nuns forced us to knit socks.” “I use to knit socks, but it is too much work. I’d rather shop.”“Wow, these are amazing, will you make me a pair; if I pay you?”

My response… My handknit socks are bespoke and are priceless!

UFO socks

My enthusiasm has spilled over to one of my knitting students, Julie, an experienced knitter who still struggles to turn the heel of a sock. We spent an evening reviewing the anatomy of handknit socks and she’s one put one foot forward….


On another note, I unpacked yet another box at Knitting HQ, and found more patterns this past week…

dscf0022.jpg dscf0023.jpg dscf0024.jpg dscf0025.jpg dscf0026.jpgdscf0027.jpg


5 thoughts on “Handknit Socks are Bespoke

  1. D – since I’ve known you (about 5 years now) you’ve had a pair of socks on the needles. Where do they all go? That’s a lot of socks – one did end up here in the shop as a sample – but where are the others? I seem to remember also that you used 2mm needles to make them even sturdier……….

    1. My dear Rosemary, The socks are on my feet of course; ) I occasionally will use 2mm, but lately I ‘very moved up to 2.25mm or 2.5mm Also I knit on circulars (I’m a convert now; )

      1. 5 years by 12 months x 2 socks a month = 120 socks knitted ………….. Been meaning to wean myself off the DPNs but I absolutely love them!

  2. I find more strangers comment on sock-knitting than any other kind of knitting. People often seem baffled by the DPNs and I’ve heard the ‘but surely it’s cheaper to buy them them in Dunnes’ line more often than anything. I always say, “Not really. Dunnes don’t sell custom-sized, hand-knit socks made from locally sourced and hand-dyed yarn…”

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