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City Centre Yarn Crawl on Yarn Shop Day!

We are celebrating Yarn Shop Day on Saturday 2nd May 2015!


The Dublin Knit Collective is organising a City Centre Yarn Crawl for knitters to visit their favourite local bricks-and-mortar stores, This is Knit and The Constant Knitter…with fun-filled yarn enabling and knitting along the way.

Join us for the whole day or catch up with us at the time and place that suits you.

10:30am – 12:00pm: The yarn crawl will begin at This is Knit and we’ll get our party started here. Bring your favourite This is Knit FO (finished object) and we’ll parade and show it off. This is Knit is a perfect place for a photo shoot of our favourite knitted projects. Let’s see who can come up with an interesting selfie with your favourite TIK staff member or yarn.

12:00pm to1:30pm: Join the City Centre SnB for a knitting tea or coffee break at Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge.

Followed by a Takeaway Lunch at Duck… just around the corner from Accents.

2:00pm to 4pm: Head over to The Constant Knitter, voted one of the 12 Best Shops in Ireland 2012 by the Readers of The Irish Times. Join The DKC for a knitworking session at this yarn filled shop on Francis Street.

Yarn enabling and shopping for your favourite or new yarn!
Rosemary will point you in the right direction…. how about some Life in the Long Grass?

Joining us for the knitworking session? Bring along your knitting or get started on a new project and relax in the bright studio at The Constant Knitter.

Also, there will be a mini-workshop, Bling for Your Knitting….Learn how to Make Stitch Markers.


Join Diane from The Dublin Knit Collective and learn an easy technique for creating your own stitch markers. Materials fee of €2.00 per person and while supplies last.


Stashbusting. …

I tend to collect endless mini cakes of sock yarn leftover from hand knit sock projects.

Knitting cosies is one way to use up leftovers.  This project uses solid and variegated sock yarn held double.  I cast on 60 stitches on 5mm circular needles. Knit several rounds, and finished off in moss stitch.


I added this cute charm…


If I knit one of these again, I plan to drop a needle size when knitting in moss stitch… The edge is a bit too floppy.


What is in this cosy?  My birthday present from my parents… A new Filofax.



City Centre Yarn Crawl

Save the date….


You are invited to join the City Centre Yarn Crawl on Yarn Shop Day, Saturday 2nd May.

Join our discussions on Ravelry,  Facebook or What’s App (send me an email if you wish to join our Yarn Shop Day chat group)


Thursday Tip: Colour Theory Made Easy

I am not an expert on colour theory, however, I  learned colour inspiration comes from the things around us…


Choosing is a colour palette is very simple, if you use the principles of colour observation…


Me, Myself and I


I am finding it very difficult to find time to write proper blogposts these days…so I’m cheating with bullet points.

So here is my brain dump of me, myself and I:

  • Aka,  TheDKC on Twitter and Ravelry
  • I just got sucked in to the world of Instagram as deeknitr
  • I
    will seek out non-knitters in order to convert them to knitters
  • I can knit, read subtitles on the television and drink a glass of wine while knitting at the same time
  • Procrastiknitting is my best stress reliever
  • the ageing process does not affect me, but I work very hard to do 4 pilate pushups
  • I just discovered there is a community of Filofaxers
  • The Dublin Knit Collective is looking for readers to be featured in this series, Me, Myself and I. Please email: dublinknitcollective (AT)gmail (DOT)com


Knit in the City: Knitting Party

The City Centre Knitting group is having a Knitting Party this Saturday 11th April.

What’s the occasion?   Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge is celebrating their 4th birthday …. and that means we’ve been knitting in our little corner for fours too!

To mark this occasion DKC will be giving away stitch markers until they run out.


We look forward to see you…..


Wednesday’s WiP

What’s on my stix today?

It’s Multnomah, an easy garter stitched triangular scarf with a feather and fan lace border.


The mindless gartering and using two stitch markers to mark the five centre spine stitches makes for a perfect wip to work on at knitting meet ups.


The yarn my own hand dyed creation using Kool Aid. The fibre content is a blend of merino and cashmere from The Constant Knitter

The stitch markers are handcrafted by yours truly. I’ll be hosting a few tutorials later in April.


A Knitter’s Filofax

For those of you who knit with me at SnBs in the city centre and Rathmines, you may have noticed my latest obsession with the ring binder planner/organiser, Filofax.

It was around my birthday in February, that I joined the Philofaxy group on Facebook. I wasn’t very active in the beginning, just reading the posts and clicking on the various links with great interest. Then one day, I decided to post a photo of my 3 Filofaxes and I received 2 comments from two Irish knitters from Ravelry and Twitter, Alicecat and Trish78. What a small Internet world we live in.

My Filofax enthusiasm began to bloom into a slight obsession. My knitting fell on the wayside, as I started trolling through buy and sell sites, looking for used Filofaxes.


At present, I have five Filofaxes! This one is dedicated to knitting….


It’s a filoFAX pocket size INDIE…

I keep it in my knitting bag as my KNiT planner and organiser.

I have six sections in this binder….


Knit Knotes: notations on my current wips and any pattern adjustments I’ve made.

DKC: ideas, topics and scheduling for the DKC blog

Info: a section for an inventory of my KnitPro needle tips and dpns, since I never remember what sizes I have


Lists: my wish list and things I really need to buy or want ; )

Spin: this section is for the fibre that magically turns into handspun with my drop spindle. As the Urban Spinner, I also use this section for blog ideas. I also attend many Eastern Region meet ups of the IGWSD

Craft Budget: this is where I track all my yarnly and crafty expenses….

I’ve also found a way to recycle some of my knittng magazines by paper folding the interesting pages into pocket folders….




Now that I am happy with KNiT filoFAX, I’m doing what I enjoy…. net (knit)working with filoFAXers in Ireland. We set up a Facebook group, FilofaxIE

We even have our first Filofax meet up in Dublin!


Spring has Sprung…..


For me, the Easter weekend marks the beginning of the spring season. It marks the beginning and renewal of some new and exciting after the cold and dark days of winter.

The days are longer and brighter, and I want colour!


I am feeling very girly and bought myself a lovely shade of nail varnish and just happened to find the same colourway in Jupitar Moon Farm Findley in a fresh colorway called sea green last Saturday in This is Knit