A Knitter’s Filofax

For those of you who knit with me at SnBs in the city centre and Rathmines, you may have noticed my latest obsession with the ring binder planner/organiser, Filofax.

It was around my birthday in February, that I joined the Philofaxy group on Facebook. I wasn’t very active in the beginning, just reading the posts and clicking on the various links with great interest. Then one day, I decided to post a photo of my 3 Filofaxes and I received 2 comments from two Irish knitters from Ravelry and Twitter, Alicecat and Trish78. What a small Internet world we live in.

My Filofax enthusiasm began to bloom into a slight obsession. My knitting fell on the wayside, as I started trolling through buy and sell sites, looking for used Filofaxes.


At present, I have five Filofaxes! This one is dedicated to knitting….


It’s a filoFAX pocket size INDIE…

I keep it in my knitting bag as my KNiT planner and organiser.

I have six sections in this binder….


Knit Knotes: notations on my current wips and any pattern adjustments I’ve made.

DKC: ideas, topics and scheduling for the DKC blog

Info: a section for an inventory of my KnitPro needle tips and dpns, since I never remember what sizes I have


Lists: my wish list and things I really need to buy or want ; )

Spin: this section is for the fibre that magically turns into handspun with my drop spindle. As the Urban Spinner, I also use this section for blog ideas. I also attend many Eastern Region meet ups of the IGWSD

Craft Budget: this is where I track all my yarnly and crafty expenses….

I’ve also found a way to recycle some of my knittng magazines by paper folding the interesting pages into pocket folders….




Now that I am happy with KNiT filoFAX, I’m doing what I enjoy…. net (knit)working with filoFAXers in Ireland. We set up a Facebook group, FilofaxIE

We even have our first Filofax meet up in Dublin!


2 Comments to “A Knitter’s Filofax”

  1. That’s brilliant – so well organised. I like how you’ve recycled magazine pages. And you have a spindle?! You may have just inspired me to dig out my old knitting bag and needles again.

    • Thank for stopping by my blog, Carol. Do take up knitting again. There are a large number of knitters who are Filofaxers, midori fans on Ravelry. … check out the Planner Porn group.

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