Knit Knotes

Me, Myself and I


I am finding it very difficult to find time to write proper blogposts these days…so I’m cheating with bullet points.

So here is my brain dump of me, myself and I:

  • Aka,  TheDKC on Twitter and Ravelry
  • I just got sucked in to the world of Instagram as deeknitr
  • I
    will seek out non-knitters in order to convert them to knitters
  • I can knit, read subtitles on the television and drink a glass of wine while knitting at the same time
  • Procrastiknitting is my best stress reliever
  • the ageing process does not affect me, but I work very hard to do 4 pilate pushups
  • I just discovered there is a community of Filofaxers
  • The Dublin Knit Collective is looking for readers to be featured in this series, Me, Myself and I. Please email: dublinknitcollective (AT)gmail (DOT)com


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