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The KNIT Review: Hiya Hiya Interchange Needles


Hiya Hiya Interchangeable Needles

Needle tip:  Known as Sharp I/C 2.75mm, 5″ length

Cable:  42″ length cable

This review is my own opinion….

This needle set is very easy to put together, no need for a wrench or key to tighten.  As a separate purchase, Hiya Hiya offers a set of oval needle grips with the their logo to tighten and loosen your hold on the needle tips and the cable join.  Otherwise, two elastic bands will do the trick.


The needle tips are stainless steel, and have a smooth shiny finish.  They have a lightweight feel to them due to the hollow construction of the needle tips. The tips are described as sharp, and are perfect for lacework and I personally like sharper points for my sock knitting.


The Hiya Hiya is pliable, smooth and supple. However, I did find one tiny rough spot at one end of the cable. I contacted Hiya Hiya Europe and they replied that it was “likely to be a slight defect which affected a small number of cables. The manufacturer is aware of this and has since addressed and resolved it quickly, as HiyaHiya pride themselves on maintaining the high quality of their products and their reputation for smooth joins.

The cable does not twist into many loops during the magic loop test. It actually made magic looping very enjoyable.  Also there is a hole at each end of the cable to thread your lifeline through.


In my opinion, knitting and magic looping with the Hiya Hiya Sharp I/C 2.75mm needles was a very pleasant experience. The needle tips slipped easily with each stitch.  I was very impressed with the fluidity and flow of  my yarn gliding along the needle tips, then onto the cable. I love that the cable does not twist into many loops like other circular needles.and I did not have the frustration of a loopy cable. This cable totally behaved itself. 

Hiya Hiya Europe is the wholesale and distributor of  Hiya Hiya products in Europe.

The Constant Knitter is listed as Ireland’s stockist of their products.


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