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The year to come.

It is New Years Eve, and it is a day to celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new one.

I’ve been reviewing my yarn stash and planning to knit it down for 2016.


What are your goals for the new year?


Happy Christmas!


I wish you all a very Happy Christmas! I hope Santa filled your stocking with knitterly treats….


Santa baby….


Festive hand knits finished just in time for the Yuletide partying….

Yes Virginia, There is  tinsel yarn ; )


Knitting Tools

Accessories… Tools… Gadgets… The art of knitting does not stop at a pair of sticks and string.

These are yarn bobbins for colourworking which you can pick up at your LYS  (local yarn shop). They are usually made from rigid plastic with a slot at one end.


Wind the contrast colours needed for your pattern on a yarn bobbin




Christmas Knitting anyone?

christmas stocking

This time of year, knitters are a flurry of activity, Knitters stockpile their fibre stash and supplies for the annual tradition known as Christmas knitting. Knitters engage in this yearly pursuit with a vengeance.

Looking for ideas for your Christmas knitting?

Hats – cabled and slouchy with pompoms are very popular this year (and we don’t need the Irish media to tell us this, knitters intuitively know this ; )

How are some Christmas knitworking? Drop in on your local knitting group and enjoy the chat and cheer.

Enjoy the season of Christmas knitting!!