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WWKiP Day 2016

Today is the day after WWKiP Day and all I can say about yesterday’s knit.crochet.drink tea event is Amazing!


There were 45 knitters & crocheters who joined in the celebration of knitting socially. It was great to see people who came down from Belfast and across from Germany.

It was a great day to get star struck…

Four of Ireland’s fabulous indie dyers all together in one roof (I can not believe that I did not get a selfie!), Fiona, Laura , Terri, and Yvonne.

How about some name dropping?

The Irish knitting community have the best celebs and they were there…

Undermeoxter from Blasta PodCast
Designer Denise Pinnegar of Unravel
Ger & Mary, the ukuele knitting sisters from the Dublin Ukulele Collective

At one point, it was standing room only, and a few nimble and younger knitters took to the floor and continued knitting away.


It was a day for having fun and meeting up with old friends, making new ones and to give a helping hand to your yarn untangled.



As word of our first ever DKC Fastest Knitter Competition spread, I knitters took to their needles to limber up.


Louise, was declared the winner with knit 114 stitches in 3 minutes.


We had an awesome prize pool for the Charity Raffle, which we raised €157 for Cats Aid

Now for the big THANK YOUs:

The Prize Sponsors
Carol Feller
Dublin Dye
Ellie & Ada
Fine Fish Yarns
Gillian Harkness
Green Elephant Crochet
Katia Yarns
Knitteratti Designs
Sweensie Crafts
The Constant Knitter

Loyal Knitting Crew:
Catherine, Jennifer and Jackie

To each and  everyone of you who took the time to share your home baked, treats & sweets.

From the bottom of my short row sock heel, I mean heart, I want to thank Rosemary for welcoming the pursuits of knitters happiness on WWKiP Day 2016.

“Thank you to this great and wonderful knitting community that we are all a part of. The Dublin Knit Collective would not be here without you…”



4 thoughts on “WWKiP Day 2016

  1. Absolutely gutted that I couldn’t make it, but we had such a great day crafting here in Lismore too. 19 fantastic ladies channeling our natural dyeing abilities, eating cake and knitting when we got a chance. Hope to see you soon.

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