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Pints ‘n Purls 2016

Mountain Man Brewing Co. know that  knitters are drawn to the craft beer scene. @mountainmansue a.k.a. Sue Cullen is the knitter behind the Pints ‘n Purls gathering coming to the Irish Craft Beer Festival on Thursday 8th September 2016.

Bring your knitting and cleanse your palate for an evening of Irish craft beer tastings.

I hope you’ll join me as I knit, sample craft beer with a bit of live Tweeting as @TheDKC from the RDS.

No need to sign up….just head over to the RDS on Thursday 8th September  from 7pm.

Ticket and admission info is on the website .

The Dublin Knit Collective have 4 tickets for Admission up for grabs.

To enter the competition just name a knitting pattern designed by an Irish or Irish-based designer, in the comments below by 8pm Sunday 28th August 2016.

Competition is now closed….

Congratulations to Rebecca and Hazwool winners of a pair of tickets to Pints n Purls


10 thoughts on “Pints ‘n Purls 2016

  1. Ardara by Carol Feller. It just needs buttons and blocking. Ohh and a belt. I always forget about the belt.

  2. I see your Carol Feller, Rebecca, and raise you another: Tamarindo from Short Row Knits. I have the Herriot Fine for it and I wish it was already made up since winter arrived early this year.

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