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Peace Project KAL

​"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with knitters."  Join the me in the Project Peace Knit Along. Christina Campbell has created a cowl pattern specifically for this Peace Along. She describes the stitch pattern as having a bit of a soothing 4-row repeat pattern. Knit one repeat per day and at the end… Continue reading Peace Project KAL

Knit Knotes

Knitmas Knitting Queue: Sakura

When I am not knitting, I love to troll  through Ravelry's pattern database looking for patterns to add to my Ravelry queue.  This time of year,  I start queuing up knitting patterns for the start of my Knitmas Break which is from Christmas Day until New Year's Day. This is the period when I knit things for myself. Today, I… Continue reading Knitmas Knitting Queue: Sakura