Knit Knotes

Speak to me in Knitter’s Language

My non-knitting  family know I speak and write in a knitter’s language that only other knitters can comprehend. Speaking in tongues and using phrases like finished object (FO) and working progress (wip)

The Spouse knows when I am at my wits end with a pattern and I have to frog my project and cast on a new project from my Ravelry queue. 

However, my knitting  comes to a stand still because I don’t have anything that will work from my stash. So, it’s no surprise there when I take off to my LYS (Local Yarn Shop) as a Knitter with a mission. 

Now’s the time to plan BIG! Now that all the Christmas decorations have been put away, it’s time for some serious knitting and sewing for my fashion ensemble to wear at this year’s Woollinn Festival. 

I would love to see how everyone’s wips are coming along. Make sure you use any of our hashtags on social media:

#madebymeKAL #madebymeCAL #madebymekal #woollinwardrobe

I am starting with a basic grey cardigan, a pattern from This is Knit , All Seasons Cardi A perfect project to knit at a Stitch n Bitch. 

Several knitters are jumping on the bandwagon and will be partaking in Carol Feller’s Bubble Dash Mystery Shawl KAL I look forward to seeing this shawl take shape.

Another shawl on our radar is Féile, it is a pattern that screams out yarn festival! 

Whatever you decide  to knit, crochet or sew let me hear about it. 



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