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The S.Club.3

The S.Club.3

I’m launching a new spin on the next DKC knit along which involves a bit of pre-planning by creating your own shawl/sock/sweater kits to knit from June until the end of the year.

Inspired by the Yarn Harlot’s Self-imposed Sock Club , The S.Club.3 is a creative way to plan and organise your own project kits for the rest of the year.

How to Guide:

1) Gather your yarn and handspun stash (no cheeky comments ; )

2) Select 6 shawl, sock, sweater patterns

3) You will need 6 ziplock baggies or project bags

In each one of your bags, put everything needed to make your project. If the pattern is in a book photocopy it, if it needs to be downloaded print it, if it is a pattern you need to purchase, then buy it.

Go through the stash and figure out what should go with what.

Then seal up all 6 and put them away where you have easy access to them.

Your mission if you shall accept it is to knit down your kits by the end of the year or at your own pace, drawn at random.

Make up a variety of kits, some socks, shawls, sweaters and at the end of the year you would have 6 (at least) more FOs.

Cast on is Saturday 1st June!

Join this exciting sock, shawl and sweater club in our Ravelry group and/or Instagram with the hashtag #SClub3

S.Club3 membership is open to all members of Ravelry and it’s free to join!

Join us today and Saturday at the DKC Knitworking Area and we’ll enable you to start planning for this exciting knit along.

A good place to start gathering your essentials will be The Woollinn Marketplace : )

Behind the scenes at DKC HQ:

I planned this blogpost with help from prettyfunkyknitter and whitesiberianknits who provided the gorgeous project bags from their iwn colkection. Thank you to The Constant Knitter who allowed us to photograph all the beautiful yarn in the shop.


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