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1 square + 3 knots = a project bag

I collect stuff and things and it tends to accumulate into clutter . I describe myself as a pack rat -hoarder. After a while, I get the urge to declutter quick and fast by tossing things in the trash. Then start the process once again. This wasteful cycle has to stop now.

This is not a paid post and the items featured were personally financed by me, myself and I.

Living a zero waste lifestyle is not easy. One of my Level Ten Life challenges is to improve my physical environment.

At present, I am taking small steps in achieving less waste in my environment, reuse and repurpose.

Have you seen my mini-tutoral on How to Make a Project bag, a short demo at The Constant Knitter WWKIP Day event and at last week’s Drunken Knitwits Meet Up ?

It’s a great way to repurpose those silk or polyester scarves that are just sitting in my dresser drawer.

My current project bag is created from tying three knots on a silk scarf.

I skein up my yarn into a yarncake, it adds a bit of weight and balances the bag when tucked in.

This wip is Tiny Tassels by Karin Fernandes. It’s the perfect mindless knit for any knit social.

The yarn is Townhouse Yarns Camden Tweed in the Prism colourway.

Are you paying close attention to the photo above? You may have spotted the wine cork.

I learned about this brilliant idea from Whitesiberianknits , to reuse wine corks as point protectors for my Hiya Hiya circular needles.

Happy Knitting!


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