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Knit de Fleece

Thanks to the Tour de Fleece spin along and knitters who have been enabled by spinners from the Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers , there is a lot of handspun stash out there.

Are you wondering what to do with your handspun?

Knit de Fleece

Knit de Fleece is a handspun stashbusting knit-along for those of us who spin fibre into yarn.

Commit to making something from your handspun stash or acquire it (as long as it is handspun).

It’s open call for inclusiveness, this KAL is not just limited to knitting. Stashbusting your handspun is an encouraging and fun way to use it up in crochet or weaving too.

There are two social media platforms where you can join and participate.

Join (if you are not a member) the Dublin Knit Collective Ravelry group and say hello in the Handspun Stashbusting Movement discussion thread.

You get to hang out and chat here with your fellow makers and get to know one another.


Follow and use any of the hashtags:


Meet new Instagramers and get to know your fellow makers on your feed.

Why join?

Spinners have handspun stash (I’ve seen your posts on Instagram). Big or small, destash it by knit, crochet or by loom.

It’s a virtual make along, you can check in anytime of the day, wearing your pyjamas drinking any type of beverage.

What if I don’t have enough handspun to make a larger project like a sweater?

Coordinate it with an indie dyed or commercial yarn or your choice.

Join me in this handspun stashbusting movement to celebrate our spinning victories from the Tour de Fleece and other personal spinning accomplishments.

The KAL begins 1st August and ends 31st October 2018.


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