Weekend Knit Notes

Where there’s wool, I use Eucalan

*There was no financial transaction for writing this post. I only received personal satisfaction when washing my handknits*

The DKC Weekender

A blogpost for weekend reading.


Every stitch in my handknit shawl is a labour of intensified love to create something special.

I was introduced to Eucalan, wool wash 14 years ago by the staff at Lettuce Knit my LYS at the time.

I still use it today and purchase the large 500ml from my LYS, The Constant Knitter. I recently noticed an Instagram post that Bantry Yarns sells it too! That’s great for Irish Knitters.

What I like about this product is that items for washing are not limited to just my handknits.

It’s safe to use on pets, yes I’ve had to use it on Buffy the YarnSlayer, when she escaped somewhere in our back garden and found her with dirt, mud and shrubbery.

I purchase stuff at charity shops all the time. I once bought a suede handbag with a stain approximately the size of my palm on front of the bag. All I did was dampen the area, applied a dollop (about the size of a euro coin) of full strength Eucalan and massaged it in with my fingers. Then let dry. Guess what it worked!

The downside (although not for me) is that it contains lanolin which my be an issue for those who are vegan or allergic to this ingredient.

I often tell my friends and colleagues about Eucalan , but they gasp at the price of €17 for the 500ml bottle. But that is the price I pay for a product that can clean almost anything (excellent on make up brushes and sponges, pass on that info to the beauty bloggers)

The other great thing is that once you purchase the 500ml and use it all up, just bring the bottle in to The Constant Knitter for a discounted refill.

So Buffy can be rest assured she’s a clean kitty, warm kitty with her newly washed blanket.

Night night kitty….


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