Queen of Yarnia · Weekend Knit Notes

Will the real Dublin knitter please yarn forward

Hi, my name is Diane, I am 53 years bold.

I live in a diverse housing estate in urban Dublin, where our home is sandwiched between two other terraced dwellings. The thin walls separate the pitter patter of children on each side.

Inside you’ll find my home cluttered with all my craft supplies and yarn, making it difficult to produce pretty and staged photos.

I have boxes filled with disorganised stuff and a cat who loves to get in my way.

I am not the best photographer and staging photos is not one of my artistic abilities. So, my attempt is effortless as I lay craft paper on my bed and hope for the best for good natural lighting.
I struggle financially and simply can not acquire all the indie dyed yarns that are out there to knit myself a sweater. When did knitting become like keeping up with the Jones ?

Most of my income goes to essential living, so finding a bargain is like winning the lottery when rummaging through my local charity shop.

Four skeins of Donegal Studio for €6 from my local charity shop.

A handknit Cowichan jacket for €5.

I knit mindless and easy projects to de-stress because my profession as a paediatric perianaesthesia nurse is demanding both mentally and physically.

I am so lucky that my favourite local yarn shops are both within a 2 km radius and a 10 minutes by cycling.

I don’t have far to go, to find a cafés or pub where I can sit and knit to my hearts content.

I love meeting knitters in the wild, I never know who I’ll run into on the streets of Dublin.

This is my urban life.

Have a great weekend!


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