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Hello 2019…

Hello Everyone,

Today is a new day in a new year. I look forward to stepping out on this platform and unleash my creative spirit in 2019.

DKC Knit Along

A brand new year, brings in a new Knit Along.

The CARPE DIEM Knit Along is the brain child of super knitter, Jackie.

Carpe diem. Seize the day and make your lives extraordinary.

2019 is the year to knit, spin, weave or make!

The CARPE DIEM Make along, seize or make use of that special skein, fibre, fabric you’ve been hanging on to.

Cast on or start that special project on Saturday 5th January 2019.

It’s an open FO date for any of your projects, however New Year’s Eve 2019 will be the official end to this year long make along.

So start stash diving and plan that amazing project!

Jackie and I will be hanging out on our dedicated Carpe Diem MAL discussion thread on Ravelry and the DKC Knitalong Facebook group.

Search and follow the #carpediem2019 hashtag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

Dates for your Diary

05.01.2019: Revived Yarn Knitting Party

06.0.2019: Knitters and the curious are invited to join the Bullet Journal / Planner Meet Up

13.01.2019: Irish Guild of Weavers Spinners and Dyers monthly meeting

27.01.2019: Knitworking at The Constant Knitter

Love and Support

It was a very sad and difficult time for me at the end of 2018. Grief and sadness gave rise to my thought processes and I briefly considered shutting down the Dublin Knit Collective.

I was pleasantly surprised with the love, messages and support from all my family of knitting & crafting friends.

This amazing community of makers are so awesome.

Happy New Knitting Year!

~ Diane ~


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