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It ain’t over until the last knitter goes home

We’ve had a great knitworking summer season. 

Thank you to everyone who joined the Sunday Summer Knitting afternoons and other fiberistic events that welcomed the DKC.

Here are some photos of a Knitworking Summer in Dublin…



Hello Dublin Knitters!

​On this day in 2007, The Dublin Knit Collective first appeared in the blogsphere. Check out The DKC’s first blogpost.

Blogging about the Dublin Knit scene was very different ten years ago. I captured photos with a point and shoot camera. My pics were au naturale and not carefully staged with props. Then, I went home to my laptop, wrote a paragraph or two, uploaded the photos from my computer or camera with a USB cable. Then posted it online for the blogsphere to see.

There was a time when one was never asked to subscribe to a blog or a newsletter. There were no smartphones, no mobile internet to tweet or Instagram. Who would have thought that ten years from that post on 1st August in 2007, I would be holding a handheld device, and with the swipe of a finger …

Instagraming for all to see… what, where and with who I’m knitting whilst drinking an Americano.

(Yes, the above photo was carefully staged at a local café;)

Let’s take a stroll through memory lane…

It was always exciting to read about my two favourite yarnshop proprietors in Dublin in an actual paper magazine or newspaper.

Lisa Sisk of This is Knit

Rosemary Murphy of The Constant Knitter

When knitters talked about knitting a Clap, they were not referring to a Sexually Transmitted Disease..

The Owls sweater gave new meaning to a cabled jumper knit along. 

I think the funniest blogpost and provides commentary to what it was like pre-Google…is How to Get to This is Knit.  I remember taking the photos at the DART stations and getting strange looks from the platform staff.  How was I to know that Google maps and GPS tracking was going to make this type of blogpost so obsolete in 2017?

So what’s in store for the next ten years?   The DKC is going to knitwork like it’s 1999…. 


Following a  rainbow in Dublin…

I finally got my hands on Carol Feller’s latest book, Knitting with Rainbows.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Carol at This is Knit and again at The Constant Knitter . I learned so much about gradient yarns.

Burlington Blanks by Townhouse Yarns

Gradient Yarncakes by Fine Fish Yarns

Her travelling trunk show was a fantastic opportunity to see and feel the patterns in person.

This one is my favourite:


We, the Knitters…

I carry a knitting project in my handbag, and will knit anywhere. How do you respond to the curious when you take out your wip and start knitting?


Star attraction at the Irish Craft Beer Festival 

I would like to think knitters were the star attraction at this year’s Irish Craft Beer Festival last Thursday evening.

For the past three years, Phil & Sue  from Mountain Man Brewing Co.have found a unique way to  bring knitters and craft beer enthusiasts to this annual event by hosting the one and truly Irish Pints n Purls event in Ireland.

A picnic table draped with a bright and cheerful crocheted themed table cloth

 is perfectly situated directly across from Phil…

as Sue knitworks with knitters who have brought their wips and sips from their beer glasses.

This year, Sue organised two prize sponsors, Dublin Dye and Stolen Stitches. What a great opportunity for a chance to win such amazing prizes.

I am always amused by the passerbys and the curious who admired and  commented on the colourful and thin yarn we were knitting with, it’s almost star-like quality attention.



This is my idea of spring…


WWKIP Day with The DKC

My Wear 2Be Seen project was finished a few days before World Wide Knit in Public Day….
image pattern: Ishbel by Ysolda Teague; yarn: Juniper Moon Findley

Heading into town I met a few lads from Scotland who were delighted to pose for a photo with Ishbel

A bit of mad fun at This is Knit while I live tweeted from the shop.




A Multnomah in the wild…actually it made it over to the City Centre Stitch n Bitch. ..


Knitting needles busy at work and play at Knit in Rathmines… Cafe Mode






A bit of yarn enhancement to enjoy at the end of my day; )


City Centre SnB out on the Town

It was a super Saturday for knitters from the City Centre SnB….

Six knitters joined the Shop ’til You Drops themed pilgrimage to Winnie’s Craft Cafe in Booterstown.  It was a stash enhancing experience as knitters brought skeins of Drops Garnstudio.




Then it was back to the City Centre SnB to recover from the intoxicating effects of yarn fumes with some knit, knatter and a cuppa.

For a few knitters, the sounds of yarn skeins  from This is Knit were heard from Accents Coffee and Tea Lounge.  A skein of Fiberspates managed to turn itself into a yarncake with the help of Jenny and will become a shawl.

Once again overcome with more yarn fumes,  the knitters made their way to Cedar Tree for lunch.

The afternoon ended on Dame  Lane,  to view the Blooming Bunting Project.