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Looking ahead with Yarn Forward 2017

Keeping track of the schedule for the DKC can be can be a chaotic at the best of times.

I use 2017 pullout calendar to highlight dates of yarn and fibre-related events that are of interest to me as a knitter. 

I noticed my calendar was starting to fill in as I progressed forward into the year.

While updating the Events page on the DKC, I re-named it  Yarn Forward 2017 , a list of yarn and fibre related events.

Please email me if there is an event that would be of interest to the knitting and fibre community.



The DKC in 2017

I am living through a knitting revolution as a knit enthusiast. My passion for this thing called knitting has transformed itself from a hobby to a lifestyle.

The Dublin Knit Collective started off as a blog where I chronicled the knitting scene in Dublin.

The Dublin Knit Collective was a place to brew knitwit ideas with other knitters when discussion online forums on Ravelry and Yahoo Chat popped up on the internet.
With the explosion of social media, the Dublin Knit Collective transformed into a persona as @TheDKC on Twitter. 

I found myself as @TheDKC live Tweeting events and interacting with other Twitter knitters in Ireland and the UK.

There are many times when my social life has revolved around the online and offline  knitting community in Ireland.

From blogger to enabler of Knitworking events, which are are social gatherings with other knitters throughout the city.

I engage in taking knitting out of the home and out on the town either at a café, pub or other places where I find myself just knitting….

2017 will be an exciting year…. 


Trick or Treat….

It’s a Happy Hallowe’en at KNiT HQ!

Once the last treat is given out, it’s time to start planning for my favourite holiday, Christmas!

But before you all start moaning bah humbug, let’s get on with the here and now.  

Reminder:  the Churchtown stitching and craft group will be meeting on Tuesday at the Glenside Pub from 8pm.


Happy Easter!

Wishing you a Happy Easter from Knitting HQ!


Does social media freak you out?



The Dublin Knit Collective was just a blog in the early days. It was a blathering and a photo journal of my knitting adventures in Ireland.

Then Ravelry came on the scene in 2007, and I started the Dublin Knit Collective group, a virtual place to discuss anything related to knitting.

When Twitter appeared on the social media platform scene, I signed in as @TheDKC and eventually created a DKC Facebook page .

Over the years, mobile technology and smartphones have transformed the Dublin Knit Collective from a weblog to an online persona, where I can knitwork and stay connected with knitters et al.

What’s next for the DKC? Periscope, if I ever get over camera-shyness


Welcome 2016!


Happy Knit Year!! Welcome to 2016 and a new knit along.

The DKC Sock Knit Along has once again emerged from the stock pile of sock yarn stash.

To get myself of last year’s sock knitting rut, I’ve choosen Rye by TinCanKnits as the first DKC Sock KAL of 2016.

Rummage through your sock yarn stash, then cast on anytime in the first seven days of the new year.

As in the past years, there will be a dedicated Ravelry discussion thread in the Dublin Knit Collective.

Also, I will be hosting online knitworking sessions on Facebook. Feel free to join the DKC Knit Along group and get to know your fellow sock Knitter.

May all your knitterly dreams come true…


The year to come.

It is New Years Eve, and it is a day to celebrate the end of the year and ring in the new one.

I’ve been reviewing my yarn stash and planning to knit it down for 2016.


What are your goals for the new year?


Christmas in July


Oh yeah… Here at Knitting HQ, the 25th of July marks the beginning of our Christmas countdown.

Christmas knitting anyone?


Closed for the holidays…


Here at Knitting HQ, the first of July marks the launch of summer holidays,  summer vacation, summer break, lazy summer…

So this summer, I’ve decided to take a summer break from the weekly social knitworking sessions.  There will be the occasional posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter.

The DKC may be on holidays, but I’ll be Urban Spinning in the Tour de Fleece Spin along which  starts this Saturday.

I will be in and around Dublin planning future DKC events using my lovely Filofax. Let me know if you’re curious enough to join the planner movement here in Ireland and guess what there is an Irish Filofax group on FB, FilofaxIE.

Happy Summer Knitting and I’ll see you at a knitworking session in September.


Planning on Paper…

Several of my knitting friends know of my Filofax obsession which began on the dawn of my fiftieth birthday ( well around that time).

I have a Filofax Original in patent purple which I use as my main diary and planner.

Section 5 is dedicated to DKC events and projects.


It’s the brain dump for DKC ideas…


I have an idea and I just jot down the the words that come to mind….