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1 square + 3 knots = a project bag

I collect stuff and things and it tends to accumulate into clutter . I describe myself as a pack rat -hoarder. After a while, I get the urge to declutter quick and fast by tossing things in the trash. Then start the process once again. This wasteful cycle has to stop now. This is not… Continue reading 1 square + 3 knots = a project bag

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Hello Handspun…

Hello handspun Italian, let me taje you home with me... I had a very strict budget for purchases going into the Woollinn Marketplace last weekend. I had a general idea of the vendors I was interested in and browsed at my leisure during a break away from the DKC Knitworking area. It did not take… Continue reading Hello Handspun…

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Cold and Stormy

Storm Emma has created chaos and havoc here in Ireland. I was left stranded and unable to safely get back to Knitting HQ last Wednesday. My friend offered me shelter from the blizzard for a couple of days in their cosy and warm home. A huge thank you to Rosemary and Nick for their generosity.

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How how many years do you have to hang onto something until it is classified as vintage? metallica: stitch holder, knitting needles, crocher hooks   afghans: who knew that my mom's crocheted afghan from the 1970's is the hottest item to have very chic and Chanel: my search is over for the perfect handknitted Chanel… Continue reading Vintaged