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It’s all about socks for the month of October here at Dublin Knit Collective HQ.

Knitting socks is my favourite on the go project. A sock wip easily fits in your bag and can be knit just about anywhere.

I learned how to knit socks at my local stitch ‘n bitch in 2006 since I was in awe of the handknit socks the knitters were wearing each week. I began by knitting along with the other sock knitters, however, turning the heel was a mystery to me until my eureka moment…

I read Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Knitting socks made sense and it all came together after reading the sock chapter.

The Yarn Harlot’s Basic Sock Recipe is the most used sock pattern here at DKC HQ.

I am taking this month to celebrate P/hop SocktoberFest. Donate and download any P/hop sock pattern

Wearing your handknit socks make for happy feet.


12 Socks in 2017 KAL

One of my Facebook friends, Jackie posted, “Knitting goals for 2017:  Knit 12 pairs of socks in a year. I have alot of sock yarn stash.”

This was the inspiration for the DKC Sock KAL… a split second decision to host a year long Sock Knit Along on Facebook and Ravelry.

It is not to late to join this year long event, decide how many pairs of socks you plan make this year and post you’re in and sign up in the DKC Knit Along Facebook group or  12 Socks in 2017 Ravelry thread

Pick your pattern, sock yarn and cast on at your leisure.

Organising this KAL is the perfect opportunity to use my favourite Filofax to track my list of knitters who have made it their goal to knit socks in 2017, whether they knit 2 or 24.

I am planning a few surprises throughout the year, so stay tuned for updates.


Handknit Socks are Bespoke

I have made it my mission to knit at least one pair of socks a month and to finish the Stepaside.

While I knit socks, I have receive some interesting comments and questions from family, friends, colleagues and strangers…“I guess you save alot of money by knitting your own socks.”“Why knit a pair of socks when you can buy them at Dunnes Stores?”“I can’t knit socks, I’m too traumatised since my childhood school day when the nuns forced us to knit socks.” “I use to knit socks, but it is too much work. I’d rather shop.”“Wow, these are amazing, will you make me a pair; if I pay you?”

My response… My handknit socks are bespoke and are priceless!

UFO socks

My enthusiasm has spilled over to one of my knitting students, Julie, an experienced knitter who still struggles to turn the heel of a sock. We spent an evening reviewing the anatomy of handknit socks and she’s one put one foot forward….


On another note, I unpacked yet another box at Knitting HQ, and found more patterns this past week…

dscf0022.jpg dscf0023.jpg dscf0024.jpg dscf0025.jpg dscf0026.jpgdscf0027.jpg


Starting the year on the right or left foot…


Join the Dublin Knit Collective Sock  Club 2015. This sock club is open to everyone, there are no membership fees to join, there is no sign up list and best of all, no deadlines.  Knit at your own leisurely pace.

The concept of the DKC Sock Club 2015 is to knit socks in 2015, simple isn’t it? Set a specific goal for yourself, such as, “I want to knit 5 pairs of socks in 2015.”

I have reason to believe there are knitters out there who have a stash of sock yarn just waiting to grow into a pair of feet; and maybe 2015 will be the year to make a dent in your sock yarn inventory.

If you don’t know how to knit socks or just want to improve your sock knitting skills watch this space for Learn to Knit Sock classes this year.

Follow @sockclub15 who will be calling out to knitters to check out the latest on bespoke socks making.

Let’s knit and enjoy the luxury of hand knit socks!


The Return of the DKC Sock Club 2015

The DKC Sock Club returns this January 2015!


Membership is now open to all sock knitters and the curious…

It will be a year of bespoke socks, totally handknit by you. Enjoy 2015 with knit alongs (kals) and sock yarn lovin’ .

For the kals, you can join in anytime and no deadline to finish, unless it’s a special knit along (more news on that later).

Each month or so, a sock pattern will be featured as a knit along. Cast on, if you so desire and post your progress on our Ravelry DKC Sock Club discussion thread or on Twitter, just follow @sockclub15

The first sock kal of 2015 is Stepaside, a top down sock pattern designed by knitwear designer, Yvonne McSwiney of Dublin Dye Company . I hope you’ll say hello to Yvonne as I have invited her to pop in to answer any of your questions in our Sock Club discussion forum.

CAST ON on New Years’ Day or anytime after that and this kal does not have a deadline.


The Dublin Knit Collective Sock Club 2013

Knit and enjoy the pleasures of handknit socks…


I know January 2013 is winding down, and I’m only getting around to writing this blogpost about this the Dublin Knit Collective Sock Club in our Ravelry discussion group. Now in our third year, this sock club is open to everyone. There are no membership fees to join, no waiting lists and best of all, no purchase is necessary; unless you need sock yarn, dpn’s (double pointed needles) or circular needles from your favourite LYS.

The DKC Sock Club is challenging the sock knitter (& crocheter, too) to use your imagination and creativity to create a pair of socks anytime throughout the year.

I hope you will join me on Ravelry and knit a pair of socks throughout the month of February based on anyone of these themes:

Mardi Gras
Chinese New Year, Year of the Snake
Valentine’s Day


Why I knit Handknit socks

Handknit socks are pretty awesome!!!


I am loving this lace sock pattern. This pattern is part of our spring sock knit along, details can be found in the DKC discussion forum on Ravelry.

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Meet the Dublin Knit Collective

Meet the Dublin Knit Collective is a new series of articles of who’s who in the Dublin knitting community.

Handknit Handcrochet Socks (Part 2)

The DKC Sock Club is not exclusive to knitting socks. A search of the Ravelry project pages took me to two Dublin knitters, Bioniclaura and Undermeoxter who crocheted their way to make a their own pair of Adirondack Socks by Patsy Harbor .

Bioniclaura and Undermeoxter are active and well known members of the Irish knitting community on the popular social network forums, Ravelry and Twitter.

Bioniclaura  learned how to knit and crochet during her elementary school years. As a child she was not too keen on crochet, mainly knitting toys and clothes for her dolls, then giving it all up to live the teenage lifestyle.  Now, an adult, she started knitting again and decided to learn to crochet again about three years ago.  Today she blogs on Aran Brew and enjoys an eclectic tastes in knit, crochet, fibre dyeing and spinning.

Undermeoxter has been knitting and crochet since her first decade of life. At the young age of ten years she was also making soft toys and clothes for her dolls. As one of Dublin’s fiberistas, she blogs many of her fiber adventures on Under Me Oxter.   She was the envy of all, when she made the pilgrimmage to Rhinebeck last year.  She mainly thinks of herself as a knitter  because she can knit without looking at what she is doing,  whereas with crochet she has to glance down at her work to make sure the crochet hook is in the right part of the stitch. She commented, “I look back at things I’ve made for my own wardrobe and they are mostly all crocheted!”
With the arrival of the Fall 2009 issue of Interweave Crochet, both these women spotted the Adirondack Sock pattern.  For undermeoxter, it was one of those serendipity moments; the arrival of a skein of Shoppel Wolle Zauberball at the same time, she was immediately struck by how this pattern would work well with this yarn and “cast-on” that afternoon.
With the popularity of handknit socks, Bioniclaura had previously tried to knit socks twice. She tried toe up method and got as far as turning the heel, then she said, “I gave up due to boredom.”.  Then she tried the cuff down method and gave up again.  She decided to go for the handcrocheted socks after admiring Undermeoxter’s pair and being assured that they were easy and quick to make:

Yummy Blackberries

Using a self-striping Regia sock yarn, Bioniclaura was quite pleased with her results:

The main difference is that crochet socks don’t have the stretch of the knitted socks so you have to be more careful when putting them on and off.  The only slight problem is that the cuff on one of the socks is a little tight but that should stretch with wear.

Crocheting in a spiral meant it was very easy to loose track of your progress, sock knitters do not bother with a stitchmarker since the beginning of the round is easy to identify, however, Undermeoxter recommends using a marker to keep track of you are.   She learned by experience by messing up the gusset increases ever-so-slightly on the first sock.

These Adirondack Socks were the first finished pair of crocheted socks for both Bioniclaura and Undermeoxter, who agree that handcrochet socks are built for Speed!  The joys of crochet…quick and easy. These crocheted socks will definitely not be the last. These two women will be back…with another pair of handcrochet socks in no time.
Thank you to both D and L for agreeing to be interviewed and permissions to use their photos of their Adirondack Socks.


Meet the Dublin Knit Collective…

Meet the Dublin Knit Collective is a new series of articles of who’s who in the Dublin knitting community.



Handknit Handcrochet Socks (Part 1)

My search of crocheted socks in Dublin began with Ravelry and brought me to flick, a.k.a. Aoibhe, a twentysomething fiberista, who not only crochets, but spins and knits her way through her fibre stash. She also imparts her expertise on the fine art of crochet to eager students at This is Knit.  As a non-crocheter, myself, I read her blog regularly, so I can live vicariously through her crocheted adventures.

Aoibhe started crocheting in her teenaged years and took up knitting two years ago, however, the crochet hook has distracted her from the knitting needles. As an accomplished crocheter, a collection of  her designs will feature this year in Inside Crochet Issues 15 and 16, and an additional two more later in the year.

Designing at her best occurs when she just picks up her hook and crochets away. Tullow is her first sock pattern which can be downloaded on Ravelry (she’s offering it for free for the next two weeks).  She came up with this pattern when she ran out of projects at one of the fort-nightly meet ups at the Fibre Fun Fridays in Dublin. With a ball of yarn, a crochet hook, and a bit of Fibre Fun Friday craic, Tullow became a short-row heel. Then, grew into a full sock the following day.

I asked, Aoibhe, what is the allure of crochet sock-making? It’s fast and with determination, you’ll finish a crochet sock in a day. It comes out looking cozy, impressive and  shapely.
So, what keeps her creativity and passion going?  The “sock song”, came to her one day and and is now her theme song whenever she makes socks:
Sung to the Spiderman theme tune:
“Sock are cool, sock are warm.
I like to make ‘em out of yarn.
When I put them on,
my little feet,
very soon,
I feel the heat.
Oh-oh, making socks out of yarn!”

(photo and sock song lyrics reprinted with permission)

Coming soon:  part two of Handknit Handcrochet Socks.

DKC Sock Club 2011

Welcome to The DKC Sock Club for 2011…

january sox6

Start off the New Year with a bit of organization, maybe some shopping for a set of DPNs or circulars, take a sock knitting class, peruse through Ravelry’s sock pattern database or buy some more sock yarn from your LYS.

The 2011 sock club theme is inspired by a blogpost written by the Yarn Harlot in which she describes the concept of a imposed sock club and what a creative idea to organize and plan your own sock kits for 2011.

Here is just a guideline for setting up your own self-imposed sock club.  Remember this is just an idea, so feel free to make up your own number of kits and adapt it as your own.

  • Gather all your sock yarn
  • Select 12 sock patterns
  • 12 zip lock baggies

Get 12 big ziplock baggies, and in each one put everything needed to make those socks.  If the pattern is in a book photocopy it, if it needs to be downloaded print it, if it is a pattern you need to purchase, then buy it.

Go through the stash and figure out what should go with what – then sealed up all 12 and put them away on a shelf a shelf in your cupboard, your mission if you shall accept it is to knit one pair a month or at your own pace, drawn at random.  Make up a variety of kits, some men’s socks, some ladies, some lace, some cable… at the end of the year you would have 12 pairs (at least) of socks.

Join the DKC Sock Club anytime of the year, membership is open to all knitters and crocheters and it’s free.

If you are interested in joining us for 2011, please leave a comment on our blog.